Friday, 21 November 2008

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Wow! I might consider marriage!!!

Emotionally vulnerable girl required for slow detachment from close friends and family

Date posted: Sunday 9th November

Emotionally vulnerable girl required for medium/ long term relationship with a protracted, possibly paranoiac element of emotional detachment from close friends and family.

Perhaps you've had a bad time lately?

Maybe a close relative has been ill or not responding to treatment ?

Are you worried about losing your job, what with this credit crunch thing going on and all ?

Why not let me get in there now, while your a bit down, if I cant sweep you off your feet I could shuffle you along a bit.

Please enjoy the picture of the kitten, I made it myself - I think he looks wistful, and the rainbow is supposed to represent world peace, or pax, if your foreign.

Why not finish your reply by enclosing a semi titillating picture of yourself, in a bikini top ..... when you were 7lbs lighter and not so pasty looking ...... and happy ...... on holiday ......three years ago ..... thanks